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There are no words to tell you how happy my husband is with his dental implant. He was miserable for along time with the fake tooth that attached to his other teeth to cover his missing tooth. He loves the implant, he wishes he knew about it a long time ago. The procedure and recovery was easy, Dr Volck and his staff were great. He doesn't have to struggle with taking it in and out all the time. His mouth no longer is painful and he can enjoy eating. I am thrilled that he is so happy with the implant. Christy C

I just wanted to let others know, how great of an experience I have had at Dr. Volck's office the last few weeks. My two top front teeth are capped, and 3 weekends ago, I bumped one on a door, and the root cracked, sending my tooth into SEVERE pain!!! It was on a Sunday, so I was able to make it through the night, and Dr. Volck's staff was able to squeeze me in right away on Monday!! This was my first time to his office, as in I have been looking for a new dentist in the area. I was pleasantly surprised, at how caring, thoughtful and thorough he was! He explained everything in detail about what we had to do, and even though I knew he was very busy, because I was an emergency patient, he never seemed rushed, and made sure I was taken care of! It is hard these days to find a dentist that is VERY talented, AND has great bedside manner...he has both. I would also like to say that his staff are equally as friendly and helpful! Professional and caring. I am very thankful to have found such a good Doctor, and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone in Vandalia, or surrounding communities! Christine K

What does the phrase **Totally Awesome" mean?? Dr. Volck and his team of professionals! Let me start out by letting you know I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Even though it is almost a threehour drive it is worth it, I first went to Dr. Volck 25 years ago for some dental work when I lived in Ohio. And now 25 years later I still prefer going to Dr. Volck and his staff. Dr. Volck and his staff are far from the norm. Stafting from the time you walk in. What you'll experience is true professionalism, compassion and a caring team that really believes in what they do. To them it is not just a 9 to 5 job. They go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied before you leave no matter how long it takes. Dr. Volck and his staff reminds me of the Good Ole Days when people cared. I would highly recommend Dr. Volck to anyone and everyone. Sincerely, Shirley B

I’ve wore upper Dentures for over 50 years. The last 15 years I’ve had problems with my Dentures not fitting properly. I’ve had many new Dentures made and relines and the same problems would exist,
   • when chewing on the right side of my mouth the left side of my Denture would become loose, the same when biting on the left side
   • While eating, food particles would get under my Dentures
   • I could never bite into an Apple or any hard surface without my Dentures falling
   • They would fall if I started laughing a lot.
   • If I used adhesives they wouldn’t last long.
In March 2014 I had the mini implants and none of the above problems exist anymore. Not only do my Dentures fit tightly but it takes me 1 to 2 minutes to release them to take them out for cleaning. Thank you Dr Volck for giving me back the confidence to smile with no worries, enjoy eating with friends with no worry, and enjoy laughing again. Linda S

Dr. Volck I would like to try to explain what you have done for me. I have had dentures for a few years now and my life went crashing down before me. I refused to dine out with my husband, family or friends anymore. I stopped having the family dinners because I was to embarrassed to eat in front of anyone because I would have to take the bottom dentures out and eat soft foods only. I was withdrawn from others. My husband heard of denture implants and asked me to check into them. I had five different consultations and you were the dentist that made me feel most comfortable and the only one that stood behind his work. I came to your office on November of 2013 and that was the best decision I had ever made! That day I got my life back! My husband and I have date night again! I must tell you that I have family dinners at my home now. I have quality of life! Thank you so much! DB

Counting Back, I’ve received regular care from 8 different dentists in my life. I feel I got excellent care from all of them but Dr. Volck is my favorite one. He and his staff are thoroughly professional and up-to-date but there’s also a kind of warm chemistry between them that reminds me of an old fashioned family practice. Clearly, dentistry is not just an occupation here. I can’t end without commenting on my recent, perfect veneers. I stopped smiling a good ten years ago because I was embarrassed by my neglected teeth. At my age I wasn’t convinced that the cost would be worth the results and I was concerned that veneers would look artificial somehow or too young for my face. They don’t. Dr. Volck is an artist. It turns out that being able to smile again is worth a lot more to me than I realized. Thank you Vandalia dentistry. BK

At my first visit, Dr. Volck talked to me about specific fears I have with dentists. Dr. Volck came up with a game plan and we worked thru it at a pace I could handle mentally and financially. He always tells me what he sees and the potential risks if not attended to. Dr. Volck rally cares about you and truly wants the best for his patients. Dr. Volck has always gone above the call of duty as a dentist. I am a faithful patient and have recommended him to many. MP

I want to thank all of you for the blessing of your services to me. You and your office staff provided (and continue to provide) such a comfortable and welcoming environment (hard to believe for a dentist’s office!) I had been terrified for years to get this extensive dental work done (extraction/denture) and actually had your name saved for two years before I called and made an appointment. If I’d known before how painless you made the whole event I would have called much sooner. Using oral sedation in lieu of the dreaded IV needles (I can’t believe I’m saying this) made the entire procedure painless! I don’t remember any of it and I’m now your newest, biggest fan. Thank you, thank you. I can now smile without being embarrassed and no more constant pain. I have been referring everyone I know to this office. You are not allowed to retire! VB

Dr. Volck has given me the smile I always wanted. His work is incredible. The office staff is top notch just like Dr. Volck. I don’t want my family to go to any other dentist. SS