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Mini Dental Implants

The revolutionary method of replacing missing teeth or anchoring dentures that is immediate, non-surgical, gentle and cost effective. Imagine having your confidence restored with smiling, speaking and eating in one visit.

The mini-dental implant procedure is not only considerably less costly than conventional dental implants, but also much less involved with little or no discomfort. There is no 3 to 9 month healing time as with conventional dental implants. Thousands of mini-dental implants have been placed with over 95% success rate.

The process consists of a consultation visit at which time x-rays and impressions are taken. At your next visit we will place your implants and seat the final restoration or denture. You can walk out ready to enjoy the foods you wish and speak and smile with renewed confidence.

Contact our office to see if you are a candidate for dental mini-implants today.

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